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  • Student Organization Spotlight: TEd Student Council

    We asked the TEd Student Council for more information about their organization, and this is what they said: What is TEd Student Council? The Teacher Education (TEd) Student Council is a group of students and faculty advisors who seek to build and support a sense of community among students in the department of TEd by providing leadership for If you're interested in joining the TEd Student Council, click here to fill out the application!

  • Ambassadors' Favorite TED Talks: the Importance of Collaboration

    Celeste Headlee leads a TedTalk focused on promoting more meaningful conversations with others. To read about other TedTalks and similar resources, click here.

  • Need some uplifting educational messages?

    We have compiled a list of uplifting TED talks, books, articles, and more all about teaching! TED Talks: Rita Pierson, Every Kid Needs a Champion "Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will Pearl Arredondo, My Story, from Gangland Daughter to Star Teacher TED Talk: Lisa Godwin, How Teachers

  • How to Apply to Physical Education (PETE)

    Step 3 - Start your Application Check out the website, to find application

  • Teacher Resources

    Ted-Ed: A website that contains video and lesson ideas that teachers can use in their lessons, and students

  • All You Need to Know About Physical Education Teaching/Coaching

    For more information, visit:



  • Finals

    Here is their page with helpful podcasts and TED Talks specifically about mental health if you'd rather

  • All You Need to Know About Elementary Education

    For more information, visit:

  • All You Need to Know About Early Childhood Education

    For more information, visit: #ECE #BYU

  • Ambassadors' Favorite TedTalks: Every Kid Needs a Champion

    [Image Source] In this TedTalk, Rita gives an inspiring speech about what it means to be a teacher. This was one of my favorite quotes from her TedTalk because it encourages us, as future educators, to However, after watching this TedTalk and hearing Rita say this, I was reminded that even when we have If you want to watch the whole TedTalk (and I 100% recommend you do!) To read about the student ambassador's other favorite TedTalks and similar resources, click here.

  • What makes a great teacher?

    To get a taste of what was out there, I dug into popular TedTalks and articles centered around this topic But this being said, I think this quote from Adam Saenz' TedTalk entitled The Power of a Teacher puts | Azul Terronez | TEDxSantoDomingo *The Power of a Teacher | Adam Saenz | TEDxYale *Unleashing Greatness in Teachers | David Weston | TEDxGrandRapids *"What Makes A Great Teacher Great?"

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