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Student Organization Spotlight: TEd Student Council

Updated: May 10, 2023

The McKay School of Education offers many different organizations for current students to get involved. We asked the TEd Student Council for more information about their organization, and this is what they said:

What is TEd Student Council?

The Teacher Education (TEd) Student Council is a group of students and faculty advisors who seek to build and support a sense of community among students in the department of TEd by providing leadership for various academic, spiritual, and social events, as well as developing and distributing information and insights to support new TEd students. The council also strives to promote unity in the teacher education department by planning fun events!

Can McKay students get involved with your organization?

Members of the TEd Student Council must be students in Teacher Education programs (i.e., Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, or Physical Education Teacher Education).

What resources are available for students interested in joining?

Through various advertising means at our events (e.g., a provided QR code), students interested in joining the student council can provide their information and indicate their interest for future contact.Students interested in joining can also reach out to members of the council and come to meetings.

If you're interested in joining the TEd Student Council, click here to fill out the application!

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