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All You Need to Know About Physical Education Teaching/Coaching

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Does the idea of a "desk-job" bring you to tears? If so, the Physical Education Teaching/Coaching (PETE) program might be a good fit for you. Let's go over a few of the cool things this major has to offer!

#1: Recreational Classes

Students get the chance to learn and perform a variety of sports, dance, and recreational activities! In fact, one of the requirements of the PETE major is to complete a few SWELL (Student Wellness) classes. You can pick between classes such as Pilates, Martial Arts, Yoga, Swimming, Rock Climbing, and Canoeing! Then, you will learn how to coach these sports for yourself in classes such as Coaching Volleyball, Coaching Soccer, and Coaching Track and Field. Even after you complete these requirements, they recommend you take more of these classes to gain experience.

#2 PETE Uniform

You get a super cool official PETE uniform for when you go out into the schools. Not only does this help your students identify you as the coach and teacher, but it also makes you feel like an official part of the PETE major.

#3 Hands-on Coaching Experience

The PETE program at BYU is known for including the most amount of hours in local classrooms to learn the art of teaching and coaching. This starts in your first semester in the PETE program. Towards the end of your degree, you will even have the opportunity to work alongside a head coach for 50 hours at a school! The time spent coaching will help equip you to become a coach yourself with hands-on experience to pull from!

#4 Teaching All Grades

Since the PETE major covers teaching education and coaching from kindergarten to 12th grade, you get to experience all grade levels! This is a major where you do not need to choose one age because you will learn how to work with all age groups!

#5 Motivating Healthy Habits

You get to help kids and adolescents learn how to take care of their bodies and gain confidence in themselves. Students in the PETE program learn how to help kids love to exercise and recognize the importance of it. You are making a difference in the lives of kids by helping them take care of themselves physically, and helping them gain a greater joy mentally as well!

The following classes are prerequisite courses you need to take before you apply to the program. Check them out to see if Physical Education Teaching/Coaching is the program for you!

In addition to these courses, the program requires that you complete the following before application:

  1. Declare the PETE Pre-Major

  2. Complete a fingerprint background clearance (See a program advisor in the Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB) to declare)

  3. Complete a fingerprint background clearance

  4. Review GPA and ACT/SAT scores with a program advisor

For more information on Physical Education Teaching/ Coaching, contact us to meet with a student PETE student to see what life is like for students in the program. Contact us here!

For more information, visit:

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