Meet Our McKay School Student Ambassadors!

Questions? Schedule a virtual appointment with one of our ambassadors according to the major you're interested in below! Our Student Ambassadors all currently attend Brigham Young University and are the authors of our blog! They are all passionate about teaching and would love to talk to you more about the options available at the McKay School.

Sheily Webster

Elementary Education Major

I am a senior majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Second language. I love music and all things art. I've played the violin for 10+ years and love hiking with my husband. I also love spending time with my family and friends. I am so excited to be an Elementary Education Teacher and help kids enjoy learning at school!

Abbey Orr

Elementary Education Major

I am a junior majoring in Elementary Education! I love music, movies, and cooking (food!!), and I love education/educating. I wouldn't say I had a defining moment that I knew I wanted to be a teacher but my collective experiences with the teachers I admired changed my own life. I have always felt teaching was an act of love, and I can't wait to spread that love every day as well as learn from my own students!

Emily Morford

Early Childhood Education Major

I am from Orem, Utah and just got into the Early childhood Education program. I recently got married and I am so excited to start my classes!

Emily Reed

Special Education Major

I am a junior majoring in Special Education with an emphasis in mild/moderate disabilities. I am also minoring in TESOL K-12. My passion is my education! I knew that I wanted to be a special education teacher when I had the opportunity to work with individuals with disabilities on my mission. I am so excited to give these precious souls an opportunity to learn and I look forward to advocating for equal opportunities for all students!

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