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Meet our McKay School Student Ambassadors!

Questions? Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with one of our ambassadors according to the major you're interested in below! Our student ambassadors all currently attend Brigham Young University and are the authors of our blog. They are all passionate about teaching and would love to talk to you more about the options available in the McKay School.

Megan Brinton

Elementary Education Major

I am a senior majoring in elementary education with a minor in family life. I am from Spanish Fork, Utah and have five siblings. I love portrait photography, country music, being outside, and spending time with family and friends. Being an elementary school teacher has always been my dream. I have worked in various roles with children including preschool, daycare, and substitute teaching. I love seeing children light up when they understand a concept and gain self confidence in their learning. I’m so excited to be a teacher and influence the lives of my students!

Kamora Shelton

Physical Education Teaching/Coaching

I am a sophomore studying Physical Education Teaching and Coaching. I am from all over, but I claim Georgia as home. I love to hang out with friends, play sports and create art. A few of my favorite sports are pole vault, gymnastics, ultimate frisbee and rock climbing. I want to be a PE teacher and a coach, because I love helping others learn how to stay healthy and physically active.

Bethany Gold

Elementary Education Major

I’m an elementary education major and Theatre Arts Studies minor. I’m from a town called Hillsboro, Oregon just outside of Portland! I love Disney, doing craft projects, acting, perfecting the art of pasta salad making, and spending time with my friends and family. I have always wanted to be a teacher. In High School I was able to volunteer both in a preschool and in a second grade class, and I absolutely adored it. I can’t wait to have my own classroom one day where I can create a safe and loving environment where children can learn and grow into their best selves!

Not sure who to pick?

Send a message to us and we will make sure you get to the right place!

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