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The Benefits of Teaching

It's no secret that teachers have an incredible impact on their students. In fact, just ranked teaching as the # 1 most meaningful career! Though teachers give a lot of their time and energy to help their students, there are also many benefits they get in return.

These include:

  • Greater joy and happiness

  • Job security

  • A chance to be creative

  • Variability day to ay

  • Flexible work schedules (including summers off :) learn more about that here)

  • Lifelong learning

  • Freedom and responsibility (you are in charge of your own class!)

  • Great retirement and health benefits (read more about those benefits here)

  • Better life/work balance

  • High collaboration with colleagues

  • Opportunities for job growth (learn what you can do with an education degree here)

  • Development of quality relationships with parents, students, and coworkers

  • Increasing Salaries (learn more about salary trends here)

  • The ability to leave a long lasting impact

Though teaching requires a lot of preparation, care, and patience- it's worth it! To learn more about majors and opportunities within the McKay school, set up a meeting with a student ambassador here.


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