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Get the Facts Out: Mid Career Salaries, Leadership Opportunities, and Admin Salaries

A degree in education can take you many different places. You may choose to teach and lead in a classroom and later decide to transfer your skills to education leadership opportunities. Read more below about the different leadership and administrative positions along with their salaries!

Mid Career Salaries -

Mid-career teachers in Utah (15 years of experience with a master's degree) make and average of $84k+ per year.

In the U.S., mid-career teachers make an average of 64k-100k+ per year.

Leadership Opportunities -

With further education, mentoring, and training, you could work towards various leadership positions with higher salaries including...

  • Principal or Assistant Principal

  • Subject Specialist

  • Director

  • Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent

  • District Administrator

  • Education Policy Analyst/Advisor

Administration Salaries -

  • School District Superintendents in Utah (180k-250k+)

  • Superintendents in the U.S. (100k-234k)

  • Elementary, middle, and high school principals in Utah (94k-135k+)

  • Principals in the U.S. (99k+)

Click here to learn more about how to get involved and learn more about the educational leadership opportunities in education. Have a more specific question? Send an email to


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