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Get the Facts Out: Other Benefits of Teaching

Over the past few weeks we've been sharing several facts and stats about the benefits of teaching. To wrap up our series, we have even more awesome things about teaching to share with you!

  1. Summers and Holidays Off- This is a big one! Most professional jobs only provide two weeks of paid time off a year. Teachers get 3 months of summer vacation as well as winter, fall, and spring breaks!

  2. Great Creative Outlet- Teachers have so many outlets for creativity. They get to design their own classrooms, figure out class schedules, and create lesson plans. Teachers also have a lot of independence to format their classroom and their teaching how they want.

  3. Supportive Work Environment- Many schools provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate and interact with their fellow peers. Most schools also have team members specifically hired to help support teachers with creating curriculum and classroom management techniques. In addition, teacher lunches, teacher appreciation weeks, and more makes teaching a very enriching career.

  4. Ability to make a High Impact- Teachers are able to influence people on a much more personal level than many other careers. The students you teach will remember you and the way you made them feel for the rest of their life.

If you want to learn more about how to become a teacher, check out our other blog posts or schedule an appointment with a student ambassador here!

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