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  • Ashley's Practicum Perspective

    I just finished my first semester of practicum in a special education severe classroom setting. Practicum looks a little different for Special Education majors compared to some of the other education it important to focus on the strengths of your mentor teacher in practicum. Overall, I loved practicum! I loved learning all I could from my mentor teacher. I am so excited to do my second practicum next semester!

  • Bethany's Practicum Perspectives

    At the beginning of practicum, I was SO nervous. Here are a couple of my tips for heading into practicum! On the last day of practicum, I cried. I hope these tips help you feel a bit more prepared for your own practicum. Practicum is a time of growth and new perspectives, so enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Practicum Perspectives: Elementary Education

    I just finished my first practicum semester! The thought of starting practicum can be a little daunting as you prepare to teach and be observed but Building Teacher-Student Relationships is SO Important My first day in practicum, my students were very Be Patient with Yourself Practicum is so much fun, but can also be overwhelming at times. Have more questions about what practicum looks like?

  • Practicum Perspectives: Special Education

    I just finished up my second (and last) semester of practicum. Practicum is when you have the opportunity to go into a real classroom in one of the five districts that This semester I had the opportunity to be in two settings for practicum! Another thing my mentor teacher in my middle school practicum class did was a pajama day. If you have any questions about practicum, special education, or anything in the McKay School, click

  • Bethany Gold's Practicum Perspectives

    This semester I had the incredible opportunity to do my practicum in a 5th grade classroom in the Provo It wasn't until this practicum that I finally began mastering this art. My final week of practicum I started teaching full days. I hope these tips help you feel a bit more prepared for your own practicum. Practicum is a time of practice and growth, so enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Memories from Practicum

    Practicum=practice! Every student in the McKay School teaching programs participate in at least two practicum experiences Sarah Lyman "I did my first practicum in the Jordan school District at Midas Creek Elementary. For even more information about practicum, check out our other practicum blog posts where you can find more information about practicum and other practicum experiences.

  • Practicum Recap: Valery Abila

    I love practicum, and I'm so sad it's over! This semester, I completed my second practicum at Blackridge Elementary in the Jordan District in a 3rd-grade For those of you who aren’t too familiar with what practicum is, practicum is practice. Check out our FAQ video to learn more about practicum! In practicum, you write lesson plans for everything you teach.

  • Teacher Resources for Practicum and Student Teaching

    As exciting as practicum and student teaching are, they can also be very overwhelming. For each practicum and your student teaching, you will have a supervisor teacher. To learn more about practicum and student teaching, meet with one of our Student Ambassadors!

  • Practicum Perspectives: Physical Education Teaching/Coaching

    observing professional coaches: #1 A good coach has good time management Coach Young had a schedule for practice This helped practice run really smoothly, and the gymnasts were able to get the maximum amount training coach gives individual feedback All the coaches talked to each individual athlete they were coaching at practice Because they did this, the attitudes and atmosphere of the practices and meets I attended were positive Click here if you want to learn more about coaching or practicum experiences here at the McKay School

  • ELED Practicum Recap: Stefania Amado

    Stefania is finishing up her first practicum teaching in the 2nd grade at Westridge Elementary in the Before starting practicum, I was a little afraid because I had no idea what to expect. Practicum has taught me how much you learn in your classes leading up to practicum and how you are a I loved working with my mentor teacher, CFA, practicum partner, and facilitator. are wondering how practicum is like: Be yourself and love who you are!

  • SPED Practicum Recap: Elliott Roubicek

    This semester was my first experience as a practicum student and, wow, it was a blast! Practicum is an opportunity to be in a real life classroom for a few days each week. During this time, we get to practice the skills we are learning in our classes and complete assignments Practicum has helped me feel more prepared for what is ahead of me. If you have any questions about practicum, it's purpose, and what to expect meet with ambassador to learn

  • Practicum Perspective: Elementary Education

    I have absolutely loved my practicum experience because I have been able to apply and put into practice What is practicum? For those of you who aren’t too familiar with what practicum is, practicum is practice! Check out our FAQ video to learn more about practicum! Practicum is great!

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