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Teacher Resources for Practicum and Student Teaching

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

As exciting as practicum and student teaching are, they can also be very overwhelming. Luckily, we found some amazing resources that can take away some of that pressure! Here are our teacher resource recommendations:


Teaching early literacy is essential for future student success. That being said, it can be really hard to do. Thankfully, we have Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy (SEEL)! SEEL is a program that aims to help preschool children with language delays learn to read. SEEL has now developed into a program that helps not only impaired readers, but advanced and typically developing readers as well.

As you begin to plan lessons regarding early literacy, make sure to check out the BYU SEEL library. This lesson plan library is filled with plans for PreK–1st grade students.

Teach Starter:

Teach Starter is an amazing resource because it has a wide range of material. This website provides anything from classroom handouts to advice on teacher-parent communication. This website also has amazing templates for classroom posters, name tags, and so much more!

Most resources on this website do require a paid prescription, but Teach Starter also has some amazing free resources. Check them out here!

Supervisor Teachers and Cohort:

This one may seem self explanatory, but I think it is important to mention. For each practicum and your student teaching, you will have a supervisor teacher. This teacher is here to help you! It can often feel daunting to turn to these teachers for help, but it is essential for success.

In addition to turning to teachers for help, rely on the classmates in your cohort! Your cohort is filled with students that are experiencing the same feelings you are experiencing and often have great insights!

There are so many amazing resources out there for teachers! I would highly recommend using the internet for classroom ideas, lessons, and motivation. To learn more about practicum and student teaching, meet with one of our Student Ambassadors!

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