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Teacher Expectations for Students: What is Realistic?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Before entering a new school year as a teacher, you need to have classroom expectations ready for your students. However, you should think about your students as you set your classroom expectations. What is reasonable?

Each expectation should have a real purpose behind it. Some realistic expectations may include:

  • When the teacher is talking, students should be silent

  • Raise your hand to share something when not asked to call out

  • Different noise levels are appropriate at different times

  • Line up respectfully to leave the class

  • Sit criss-cross applesauce on the carpet

  • Quiet during announcements

  • Do you classroom job

  • Put your school lunch and backpack in the right place

  • Use signals to go to the bathroom

When setting classroom expectations, the key is to be specific and make the expectations achievable for the students. Have in mind that you will most likely have to remind your students about the expectations whenever they begin to forget. Your goal should always be to make the classroom an optimal learning environment!

Remember to keep your expectations appropriate for the developmental age of your students. It is normal to see differences in expectations for a sixth grade class and a kindergarten class!

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