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Get the Facts Out: Teacher Life Satisfaction

Do you want to know the top 6 reasons why teachers have reported having higher/equivalent overall job satisfaction compared to other STEM jobs? "Get the Facts Out", a project dedicated to helping people understand the benefits of teaching careers, recently asked teachers to share what brought satisfaction to their lives. This is the consensus:

1. The students: For more than half of the teachers, the job is all about the students. They find joy in the relationships they build with their students and those special "aha" moments when a student suddenly gets it, like a light bulb flicking on in a dark room. Watching students grow is a deeply rewarding experience. For many, these moments of connection and intellectual growth are what keeps their passion for teaching alive.

2. Flexible work schedules: For teachers, having a work schedule that aligns with their personal and family life is the second best benefit. They get to tackle life's other demands during regular business hours, typically from 3:30 to 5, which is a luxury most other jobs can't offer. Their schedules also align seamlessly with their kids' needs, holidays, and school breaks. This flexibility grants them valuable family time that many other jobs don't.

3. Teaching as a challenging science: For these teachers, teaching isn't just an art; it's a science that taps into their STEM skills. They see themselves as scientists in the classroom, constantly using their scientific knowledge to create engaging lessons. Turning complex subjects into captivating learning experiences not only excites them intellectually but also brings immense joy.

4. Strong colleague relationships: For these educators, one of their daily delights is the tight-knit relationships they build with their fellow teachers. They draw inspiration and camaraderie from being surrounded by colleagues who are just as passionate about education as they are. The feeling that "committed teachers make awesome coworkers and friends" highlights the strong bonds within the teaching community.

5. Constant Learning: Teachers love being at the forefront of their fields. They're constantly diving into fresh and emerging content, driven by the act of teaching itself. It's like a daily adventure, keeping them curious and fulfilled in their careers.

6. Creative Freedom: Teachers treasure the creative freedom their job provides. They get to make important choices within the general guidelines set by their schools. This freedom lets them shape their classrooms and lessons in ways that matches their unique visions, creating a space where they can captivate and inspire students while staying true to their teaching philosophies.


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