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First semester at BYU? Here are some tips for registration!

Registration can be overwhelming, so we compiled some resources to help you start registering for classes this fall, 2024! Remember that registration opens June 7th, but you can already start pre-registering and adding desired classes to your "cart." Follow through with the steps below!

  1. Meet with your advisor Your advisor will help you know what classes you should take, give you more information about applying to the program, and help you make a grad plan (a prerequisite to be accepted into the program) Visit their website to learn how to make an appointment.

  2. Register for Classes! Generally, you should aim to take about 15 credits per semester, but this can totally change depending on your specific goals and schedule (Full time students enroll in 12-18 credits). The prerequisite classes for each major are slightly different: Early Childhood Education: ECE 200 and SFL 210 Elementary Education: EL ED 200 and SFL 210 Special Education: CPSE 203 (take this one first), CPSE 410, CPSE 480, MTHED 305, and MTHED 306 Physical Education Teaching/Coaching: SFL 210, NDFS 100, and PETE 227 Communication Disorders: COMD 133, CELL 220, STAT 121, and PHSCS 167 You can complete these in the same semester or different semesters, but all prerequisite classes need to be completed (or currently enrolled in) when you apply for the program. Until you are accepted into the program, we would recommend just taking those prerequisites, GEs and fun classes. 

  • Some Helpful Resources for Registering for Classes:

  • Registration for Freshmen begins June 7! So make sure your classes are added to your cart! You may not get all of the classes you want, so make sure you have backups. Any classes that have filled up will add you to the waitlist. Waitlists move faster than you think so stay on there (even if the number of people waiting is high!)

  • Some fun classes if you're looking to fill space: SWELL classes (Ice hockey, yoga, bowling, rock climbing, volleyball, etc.), DANCE classes (Ballet, tap, jazz, social dance, world dance, etc.), ART and THEATER classes, and so many others. If you need GE credit recommendations (including professors), click here to schedule a meeting with a student ambassador. A few favorites from our ambassadors:

    • Family History (HIST 205) and Foundations of the Restoration (REL C 225) with Anthony Sweat for a religion credit

    • Music History (MUSIC 201 + 202) With Luke Howard or Survey of Western Civilization (ARTHC 201) for CIV 1+2 Credits

    • Floral Design (PWS 112) or Acting Fundamentals (TMA 123) for an art credit

    • Physical Science (PHYS 100) from Professor Skinner!

3. Think about Applying to the Program

Your advisor will go over more about what you need to do to apply and when deadlines are approaching. Start thinking about background checks, fingerprinting, taking the appropriate tests, etc. Your advisor will discuss all of these requirements with you so meet with them right away!

4. A Minor?  To graduate you need to complete 120 credits. Each major in the McKay school is between 58-68 credits (check your specific major map to get the exact credit count, links provided above). GEs add about another 25-44 credits (depending on how many credits are covered by your major). Some people take more fun classes to get themselves up to that 120 credits and some add a minor. In the McKay school we offer a TESOL minor (Teaching English as a Second Language) and an Arts Integration Minor (learning more about how to bring the arts into your everyday teaching). However, there are over 113 minors to choose from at BYU. Click here to see a list of minors offered at BYU. Keep in mind that a minor is not required to graduate, but a great option to look into. Some of our student ambassadors completed minors and others did not.

Have more questions? Click here to set up a meeting with a student ambassador for more class recommendations and extra help with registration before meeting with an advisor.

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