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Our Favorite Elective Classes

Megan Brinton:

This past semester, Kamora and I took a bowling class together! There were never any homework assignments which was perfect during practicum. The class was $80 to take but included 2 hours of bowling (in class) a week and a punch card for 15 free games. I recorded my scores in bowling every week and definitely saw some improvement. At the beginning of the semester, my score was 93. By the end of the semester, I was consistently bowling over 100 with my high score being 157... and I even bowled a turkey once! I always looked forward to this class and sat with the same group of friends each time. If you're looking for an easy and fun class to take, especially during practicum, take beginning bowling with Dr. Barney! (Who is also a professor in the McKay School in the PETE department) We really do have the BEST faculty!

Credits: 0.5

Section: SWELL 116

Bethany Gold:

A few years ago I took Beginning Ice Hockey! I had originally wanted to take figure skating (which was held at the same time and the same place) but was so far back on the wait list that I dropped out and joined Ice Hockey instead. And it was the best decision I’ve probably ever made. I became a much better ice skater (I even learned how to skate backwards and stop myself without running into the wall), learned how to handle both the hockey stick and puck, discovered just how much I love competitive sports, and even met one of my best friends (who became my roommate). This class costs $75 + another $20 for the Hockey Stick. However, it is so worth it! Through our two hours of practice and playing each week I was able to grow so much in myself. Plus you get to tell all your friends you once played Ice Hockey! I 100% recommend this class!

Credits: 0.5

Section: SWELL 151

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