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The Best Elective Credits for McKay School Students

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

SFL 200- The Eternal Family

Basically, SFL 200 is a bulked up version of the general eternal family credit (REL C 200). While this may seem intimidating, it is an amazing class. SFL 200 fulfills the religion "The Eternal Family" course requirement, or can be counted as 2 credits of Religion elective credit. This class is amazing because it emphasizes the doctrine of the family and the central role families play in Heavenly Father's plan of salvation while considering the science behind the formation of healthy relationships and families. I think this is an important class to take as an education major because I believe families are at the center of student success. Being able to understand different family dynamics will help you better understand your students and their learning.

STDEV 109- Effective Study & Learning

Becoming an educator is no joke. It takes real organization and skill in order to stay on top of everything. STEV 109 is an amazing student development credit that helps you gain motivation, time management skills, and note-taking abilities. Mastering these skills early on in your college career will provide a better transition into practicum and student teaching!

ARTED 326- Art for Elementary teachers

ARTED 326 is a great class to take because it fills a general art credit while providing amazing experiences! ARTED 326 is a preservice class that is designed to help elementary classroom teachers understand the visual arts and develop skills necessary for implementing a discipline-based approach for art education. In this class, you will have the opportunity to create basic art, art-based lesson plans, and work with small groups of elementary students. If you are interested in having lots of art in your future classroom, and want to work with children on a weekly basis, this is the elective credit for you!

SFL 260- Family Finance

SFL 260 teaches about helpful skills such as saving money, paying taxes, and investing. This class provides access to these necessary life skills in a simplified way! Knowing how to manage money is essential and can make a big difference when working to live within your means!

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