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Alumni Perspectives: Was Education the Best Major for Me?

Picking a program that feels right for you can feel overwhelming, but after reading some of the testimonials of recent graduates, I feel confident in my decision of attending the McKay School. The McKay School of Education offers 5 different degrees within education. There are about 50,000 alumni that support, love, and graduated from the McKay School. Some of these recent alumni shared their thoughts on the programs they graduated from.

Hailey Van Noy

2022 Graduate from the McKay School

"My favorite part of the McKay School programs was how supportive the professors were! The McKay school is led by some awesome professors who really have your best interest in mind, and they are always looking for opportunities for you to succeed. I chose BYU because I heard great things about the Special Ed program here. I knew it was one of the top ones in the state, as well as being more affordable than other options. It helped me to prepare by giving me real, hands-on experiences before I ever entered the workforce. I got to practice what I was learning while I was learning it. I got to apply my new knowledge right away and was able to see that everything I was learning was applicable and important to my success and my future students' success."

Kaity Whittingham

2022 Graduate from the McKay School

"I came to BYU because it was always my goal since being a little girl! I’m a third generation BYU student so it always felt right. I chose the McKay School because being a teacher was also something I always felt was right for me. Ever since I can remember, teaching was always what I wanted to do, so the choice was easy. I love the opportunities it gave me to be in the classroom and figure out things I liked and things I didn’t like as much, in all aspects of teaching. I loved my professors and the help they provided us! I felt loved and valued as their student and as a future teacher. The relationships you build in your cohort is amazing, I will forever look back on and value forever and ever! There is so much support from everyone in this program and it’s truly unmatched!"

Kaity's Mom also graduated from the McKay School of Education.

Kaity ended her comments by saying "if you love it and feel drawn to it, DO IT! People can be discouraging sometimes and negative towards educators, but if it feels right for you then it IS right for you. The world needs passionate educators, don’t let other people’s negativity get you down or make you feel embarrassed! Listen to your professors, they know so much and can give you so much support. Make friends with your classmates, they will save you! And get comfortable being out of your comfort zone!"

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