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5 Things We Learned About Education Since Joining the McKay School

Since becoming students at the McKay School of Education, we ambassadors have learned a couple of things about education. Whether our perspectives on education have changed or we have gained new knowledge of education, the McKay School is a place of continuous learning. After talking amongst the student ambassadors, we decided to come up with a list of 5 things we have learned about education since joining the McKay School.

  1. No student is incapable of learning, we just have to find the way that they learn best so they can be successful.

  2. There is a whole lot more behind the scenes than you see when you are a student. Teachers really do a tremendous amount of work to make learning engaging.

  3. There is so much research that has been done by the McKay School professors and we start teaching early in building upon prior knowledge.

  4. Making connections with your mentor teachers and other teachers at the schools you serve at during practicum and student teaching is a great way to create a school community and to be involved in the school you teach at.

  5. To be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Being able to push yourself out of your comfort zone is the best way to learn!

I believe something the ambassadors can all agree on is how much we learn at the McKay School of Education. Each semester is filled with classes that are there to enrich your experience and education to better prepare yourself to become a teacher.

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