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Take a Look at these Alumni Videos!

Check out these videos where we interviewed alumni from the McKay School of Education!

They cover all sorts of topics such as classroom setup, how they battle negative stereotypes in teaching, funny moments in teaching, teacher salaries, and more.

Taylon Mann's Classroom Setup

Listen to his experience and strategy for how to incorporate personal interests while setting up your classroom.

Click here to check out more videos in our classroom setup series!

How Taylor Baird battles negative stereotypes in teaching

There are a lot of challenges that come with teaching, but I want to do something that makes me happy and teaching makes me happy.” - Taylor

Andrew Lovell's thoughts on Teacher Salaries

Take a listen to what he has to say about striving to be a breadwinner and a teacher.

Amelia's Funny Moments in Teaching

One of the best parts about working with children is that they are hilarious without even trying sometimes! Listen to Amelia share how a funny moment brought some laughter into her life as a teacher.

Terrika's Memorable Moments in Teaching

As teachers, we have the daily opportunity to touch the lives of our students in positive ways. In this video, Terrika Nelson shares a memorable moment in her classroom.

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos like these. We also have a FAQ series where we answer questions about the application process for majors offered at the McKay School, practicum, student teaching, internship, and more!

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