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"Why I Chose BYU"

With all the great schools and all of the amazing majors to choose from, why did our student ambassadors choose BYU and the McKay School of Education? Check out what they have to say below!

Stella - Early Childhood Education

I originally did not want to go to BYU because everyone else was doing it and I wanted something different. While on my mission I prayed about it and realized I needed to go to BYU. I ended up getting accepted and took that as another sign I needed to go. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher so choosing the McKay School was the easiest part. I have always loved kids and the coursework is amazing. I am learning a lot but also having fun!

Stefania - Elementary Education

I chose to go to BYU and join the McKay School because I believe I cannot find the same education anywhere else. I believe BYU and the McKay School value certain attributes that will help me become not only a better educator but a better person. The attributes we learn from Jesus Christ of patience, compassion, forgiveness, and charity are some of many that make Him the master teacher. My education at BYU’s McKay School helps me learn to follow Christ in my pursuit of becoming a teacher so I can lead my students to a more positive future. In the McKay School, we see the work of teachers as one of eternal value. Thus, we are taught the importance of caring for the well-being of our students and helping them on their journey of life.

Valery - Elementary Education

I chose to come to BYU because I wanted to be in an environment where I could learn and grow while being surrounded by people who shared the same standards and values as me. I also wanted to be in a new place so moving across the country was a fun experience that allowed me to learn how to be more independent and appreciate my friends and family more. I always knew I wanted to go into Elementary Education, so I knew I would be in the McKay School. I love the McKay School and the professors because they are all fantastic, well-spoken, and passionate about what they teach! I also love the sense of community we have in the McKay School and I constantly feel the support from my professors and classmates. There is always someone cheering you on!

Anna - Special Education

I've worn BYU sweatshirts and jerseys since I was straight of the womb, so choosing BYU was almost predestined. Around junior year of high school, however, I took time to consider my options. In the end, BYU won me over with its gospel-centered learning. I loved the idea that the Savior would be a major focus in every class, even math. Choosing the McKay School came down to how I felt I could impact the world best. I wanted to touch people's lives on a deeply personal level and make real connections with people. What better way than to inspire youth to seek learning.

Ashley - Physical Education and Teaching

I chose BYU mainly because I wanted to be surrounded by people with the same beliefs I have! Both of my parents and both of my siblings went to BYU as well, which made me excited to share some of the same experiences with them. More specifically, I chose the BYU McKay School of Education because I want to be able to positively impact the lives of others. I want to inspire learning in kids and help them find their own, unique confidence!

If you'd like to learn more about the McKay School of Education and its majors check out our blog here! Do you have any questions or want to join the major? Meet with an ambassador here!

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