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What To Do With Your Summer as a Teacher?

Updated: May 10, 2023

One of the benefits of being a teacher is getting paid summers off. Almost a three-month vacation, what other job gets that opportunity? Often times teachers are looking for small jobs or volunteer opportunities to do during this time so they are using every free moment to continue their learning. Teachers edit their curriculum, earn new certifications, and update their classrooms. The possibilities for summer plans are endless!

Here are some ideas of what teacher choose to do during their summers:

  • Read books you have been wanting to read

  • Visit science and/or art museums

  • Spend time with your kids who also have a break- “My dad is a high school teacher and my mom is a para educator, over the summer we would spend time backpacking and camping, visiting family and catching up on projects around the house” --Anna Cunningham

  • Teach summer school (and also earn extra income)

  • Work on yourself and keep learning

  • Take on a new hobby

  • TRAVEL- “My sister likes to travel all around the world during her summer breaks! She’s gone to Thailand, Iceland, and this year she’s going to Turkey” --Emily Reed

There is no other job like a teacher! Getting a paid summer break is one of the biggest benefits. If you have any questions about being a teacher, schedule a zoom meeting with one of our ambassadors, here!

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