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What I Learned This Week: Early Childhood Education

I have always loved the start of a new semester because there is so much to learn. A new schedule, new content, and new friends. This semester I have the opportunity of taking two amazing ECE classes: Children's Literature (ECE 340) and Technology in Early Childhood Classes (IP&T 370). These classes have already brought amazing new perspectives and knowledge into my life.

A discussion in my Children's Literature class particularly stuck out to me this week. In the discussion, we talked about "good" and "bad" books. It was interesting to hear the perspective of other students and the teacher in the class. We discussed the two characteristics that make up a "good" book. These characteristics include literary value and personal preference.

Even when using these deciding factors, it can be difficult to pick "good" books for your classroom. Do you focus more on literary value or on books have you personally connected with?

The class took time to discuss this question and we decided that it is up to you! This was an interesting discussion that made me think deeply about classroom literature.

To learn more about Early Childhood Education or the other majors of the McKay School, schedule a meeting with a student ambassador here!

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