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ECE Student Spotlight: Audrey Bastian

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Meet Audrey Bastian! Audrey is from Grapevine, TX, but grew up in Frederick, MD! She is the second oldest of eight children and has an older sister currently serving a mission in Louisville, KY. Audrey is planning on sticking to her Texas roots by joining the swing dance club when she gets to BYU! I asked Audrey a few questions that helped me get to know her and her teacher identity! Let's check them out.

Why did you decide to major in early childhood education?

Audrey decided to major in early childhood education because she loves spending time with children. She also wants to teach because she thinks preschoolers are the closest thing to perfect on this earth!

What class are you looking forward to most?

Audrey explained that she is looking forward to Dance in the Elementary Classroom! For those of you who have taken this class, you know how much fun it can be!

What is your ultimate goal as a teacher?

As teachers, it is so important to have goals. Audrey's ultimate goal as a teacher is to give children a space where they feel comfortable. I can tell that Audrey cares so much about her future students and their success. I have a feeling Audrey is going to be an amazing teacher.

We are grateful for Audrey and all the other students who are working hard to become a teacher. If you want to learn more about the ECE major, meet with an advisor or a student ambassador!

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