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What I Learned This Week: Early Childhood Education

This week, we had the opportunity to hear from one of our amazing practicum students, Sophie Little! Sophie is currently working on her first practicum in the BYU Kindergarten and has lots of great insights to share. Here is what Sophie had to say:

"This week I had a discussion with my husband about some of his unique skills. When we looked at the things he was gifted in, we were able to make a plan to capitalize and further develop those gifts. We connected this to the gospel because we realized that the world’s plan is different than God’s plan. If we do the things we need to do to feel the Spirit and be inspired by Him, He will lead us. God gave us special gifts and talents so that we are not just like everyone else. It’s important to do something with those abilities as it helps you realize what your life can be.

"I realized that this connection came from the way my mind has been trained to think this semester in practicum. We are always considering the individuals that we teach and adapting our instruction to help them in the ways that are catered to them specifically. We also are always thinking about how it relates to the gospel, and Miss Amy reminds us all the time about how blessed we are to teach with the Spirit. The Holy Ghost can guide and direct our teachings. In fact, Brother Newman talked about this in his recent general conference address as he promises that the Holy Ghost will 'sanctify our intentions and inspire our teaching.'"

Sophie explained that, "teaching is one of my gifts and I’m grateful that God has given it to me and helps me develop more skills to succeed!"

I'm so thankful for Sophie's testimony of her spiritual gifts, and that she is willing to share them!

To learn more about Early Childhood Education or the other majors of the McKay School, schedule a meeting with a student ambassador here!

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