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Teacher Salaries: State by State

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

One of the best parts about being at a private university such as Brigham Young University is that we have students who come from all over! In fact, all 50 states are represented in the student demographics at BYU.

We know that many of you will be leaving the state of Utah after getting your degree. So, we want to show you what the average salary looks like in your state. Please keep in mind that this data has been taken over a long period of time meaning that your state may or may not be slowly rising in salary. Also, note that this is the average and that there is a wide range in salary for each state. Check out the averages below!

Alabama- $50,270 Montana- $52,160

Alaska- $75,860 Nebraska- $60,390

Arizona- $45,600 Nevada- $56,980

Arkansas- $48,800 New Hampshire- $59,930

California- $82,560 New Jersey- $71,880

Colorado- $54,670 New Mexico- $57,330

Connecticut- $78,070 New York- $82,830

Delaware- $63,970 North Carolina- $48,560

D.C.- $79,390 North Dakota- $55,630

Florida- $55,210 Ohio- $64,090

Georgia- $58,830 Oklahoma- $45,970

Hawaii- $63,360 Oregon- $69,980

Idaho- $48,880 Pennsylvania- $69,630

Illinois- $63,280 Rhode Island- $72,310

Indiana- $52,570 South Carolina- $53,450

Iowa- $53,950 South Dakota- $44,110

Kansas- $50,650 Tennessee- $53,540

Kentucky- $52,660 Texas- $56,280

Louisiana- $48,630 Utah- $60,660

Maine- $52,860 Vermont- $63,480

Maryland- $75,380 Virginia- $69,690

Massachusetts- $82,450 Washington- $69,390

Michigan- $69,050 West Virginia- $45,390

Minnesota- $63,250 Wisconsin- $57,980

Mississippi- $44,060 Wyoming- $58,940

Missouri- $50,920

If you have more questions about how you can transfer your license after graduation, reach out to the Education Advisement Center or look into your state's teacher license reciprocity here. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out and read our other salary posts. Hope to talk to you soon!

Have more questions? Set up an appointment with your advisor or meet with a student ambassador!

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