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Kelly Strang- Educator and BYU Alumni

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Meet Kelly Strang, a recent BYU graduate and current teacher. Strang is a joy to be around and a light to this world. Strang was born and raised in Washington State and has been married for about two years. She majored in Early Childhood Education and received a minor in TESOL (Teaching English s a Second Language). She has recently been accepted to the BYU master's program in Child Development and will be attending at the University of Haifa through the BYU Jerusalem center.

Strang didn't always want to be a teacher. She originally wanted to be a speech pathologist, but once she volunteered in a kindergarten classroom she felt prompted to become a teacher. Strang chose the Early Childhood Education major (ECE) instead of Elementary Education because she “didn't want to deal with hormones and smelly armpits of 6th graders :)” The ECE program is one that prepares you to be a Pre K-3rd grade teacher. It focuses more on the developmental process and learning of younger children.

When asked about the negative stereotypes that come with an education major, she said, “I was really sensitive to that when I started BYU. I thought everyone viewed me as a girl who just wanted to get married and not actually work and just be a mom. As the years went on I realized I didn't want to become a teacher for other people. I wanted to be a teacher for me and the kids I would help. It doesn't matter what people think of my career it matters what kinda teacher I would become."

Strang is currently a teacher for two-year-olds in Salt Lake City, UT. She shared,“My class has really connected to me. It gives me a lot of pride to know that they are so comfortable with me, and more than anything, that they feel safe in the classroom.”

Her goal is to one day be an international teacher where she can teach in another country. She said, “I really hope that I can help the kids who don't have a home life and kids who are learning English. At international schools, a lot of the students are sent by their parents to learn English. With my unique skills that I have learned and that I will continue to learn in my master's program, I hope to be there for my students and provide any help they may need”

Strang is a great example of hard work and dedication. She never thought a master's degree was possible until she realized the vast amount of financial aid and scholarships that are available. She shared that by studying to be a teacher you will become a disciple of Jesus Christ, a better parent, and overall citizen in the world.

If you are interested in the ECE major, or any other education major, please set up an appointment with a current student here or an advisor here. They would love to help you!

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