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Get to Know Our Associate Dean: Sarah Clark

We are incredibly fortunate to count Sarah Clark among our associate deans at the McKay School. We recently had the privilege of asking Dr. Sarah Clark some questions, from which we learned lots about her career and life!

Dr. Sarah K. Clark is a professor in the Department of Teacher Education. For more than 30 years, Dr. Clark has been involved in the field of education in a variety of roles including classroom teacher, curriculum developer, author, editor, instructional coach, consultant, researcher, consultant and university professor.

Dr. Clark was born in Mescalero, New Mexico, but at nine months old, she moved with her family to Benson, Arizona. She is 8 of 13 children who were raised together on a farm. She said there was always a job to do!

Some of Dr. Clark's favorite hobbies include being “Gama” to two darling little boys, cooking dinner with her husband (they've built two pizza ovens!), hosting gatherings with friends/family, dancing in the kitchen to 80s music, hiking, playing volleyball or pickleball, reading, traveling the world, and writing!

Here is Dr. Clark's brief career path:

- Undergraduate and master’s degree at the University of Arizona

- Taught fifth grade for five years and then switched to kindergarten

- Author and editor of curriculum books and materials for 12 years

- PhD from Utah State University, emphasis in Literacy Education

- Professor at Utah State University before coming to BYU

- Professor, Department Chair, and currently Associate Dean at BYU

As associate dean, Dr. Clark is responsible for ensuring the McKay School has outstanding curriculum and amazing courses for students in all of the MSE programs. Dr. Clark and her team are working hard to provide experiences that spiritually strengthen students at BYU and help them become the best educators, leaders, and clinicians they can be. Additionally, Dr. Clark helps MSE student clubs and associations in their work to engage students in activities and experiences. She also serves on many university committees representing the McKay School (e.g., study abroad, graduate studies, undergraduate and graduate curriculum, teacher education/educator preparation program, and advisement committees)

A Piece of Advice from Dr. Sarah Clark:

"My best piece of advice would be to do all you can to build and maintain a STRONG relationship with your Savior Jesus Christ. This relationship will bring so much peace, stability, and joy to your life.

"A quote about the Savior that I like to reread from time to time is, 'His power came as He took on our perspective. Our power comes as we take on His.' – Unknown

And finally, Elder Christofferson’s statement encourages us to always remember who we are, 'Being one with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is without a doubt the ultimate in Belonging.' I feel most happy when I feel the spirit of the Godhead in my heart and mind. I am most myself when I feel as though I belong to Them!"

If you have any questions about education or would like to learn more, schedule a meeting to meet with a student ambassador here!

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