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Career Paths in Education: Gary Seastrand

Updated: May 1, 2023

Throughout our career path series, we have learned that there are many possibilities within education outside of the classroom. Not only can you earn additional degrees, but you can advance within a school and eventually move into higher education if that is your desire. This is exactly what Gary Seastrand did and we are now blessed to have him with us at BYU as the director of the Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education & Schooling (CITES).

After spending some time gaining experience in the classroom, Gary Seastrand knew he wanted to do more and help more in the school. He continued his education at BYU and the University of Utah to prepare to be a principal. During his time as a principal, he was able to teach at BYU as an adjunct faculty member. Gary Seastrand's accomplishments are endless. Check out his career path below!

Want to learn more about possibilities in education? Read our other posts and check out the other graphics in the career path in education series! Any questions? Reach out to us HERE.

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