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Applying to the Special Education Program

Applying to a major can be a stressful task. We are here to help! In this post, we will break down this process into 5 easy steps to get you headed in the right direction.

Step 1 - Declare your pre-major online by completing the following steps

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with your Net ID and password

  3. In the "Tools" section on the left-hand side of the screen, select "Change Major Request"

  4. Click "Request a change of major"

  5. Choose your desired pre-major from the drop down

  6. Check the applicable boxes and click "Submit." It may take a few days for your request to be processed

You can also contact the Advisement Center by phone, email, or in person to declare your pre-major. Find ways to contact your advisor or schedule an appointment here.

Step 2 - Complete Prerequisite Courses and Other Requirements

  • CPSE 203 - Introduction to Special Education

  • CPSE 480 - Educational and Multicultural issues in Special Education

  • CPSE 420 - Applied Behavioral Analysis

  • MTHED 305 - Basic Concepts of Mathematics

  • MTHED 306 - Concepts of Mathematics

Note that you must meet basic skill requirements in order to be accepted into the SPED program. These are determined through ACT and SAT scores (including writing), but there are ways to make up for not reaching the requirements. Contact your academic advisor to learn more about these requirements and what make up tests you can complete in place of ACT and SAT scores if necessary.

Step 3 - Start your Application

  1. Log in to

  2. Select the “Applications” tab

  3. Select “Start a New Application”

  4. Fill out basic information and complete required tasks

Step 4 - Pass the BCI/FBI Fingerprint Background Check

You are required to pass an FBI Background check and have your fingerprints taken.

To do this:

  • Fill out the background check linked in the application

  • Take the background check sheet, your social security card, and a photo ID with you to MCKB 350 where your fingerprints will be taken.

The whole process only takes around 10 minutes and costs $10 (charged to your financial account). To learn more, watch this video created by the McKay School.

Step 5 - Declare your Major

  • Once accepted into the program, you will receive an email to confirm. The advisement center will remove your pre-major status and add the major to your records.

We hope this was helpful to you as you plan ahead for your major! Feel free to schedule an appointment with a student ambassador (here) or your academic advisor if you have any questions! Can't wait to see you around the McKay School!

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