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What is the Fingerprinting Process?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

One crucial step in the application process into any major in the McKay School of Education is fingerprinting. Why is fingerprinting a part of the application process? The answer is simple. It is a background check that ensures the safety of students. Lucky for us, the process of fingerprinting is actually quite easy.

You will get your fingerprints scanned at to the in RM 350 of the McKay Building (MCKB). The process takes only ten minutes and you will be charged $10 on your student account. Some important reminders about your appointment include ensuring you bring the following: your authorization form, a photo ID, and your social security card (a picture of it will suffice). Watch this video below to learn more.

Overall, fingerprinting is a quick and painless process that will help ensure the safety of students around the world. You can get more details about the process from the Education Advisement Center. Also, check out the rest of our FAQ series here.

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