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BYU Graduates... where are they now?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Hundreds of students graduate from the McKay School of Education (MSE) each year, but what happens next? Have you ever wondered how these students use their education beyond college? We talked to graduates from the MSE and asked about how their degree in education has helped them through life! Some of these individuals went on to teach while others did not, but all of them are grateful for their education.

What has a degree in education helped our BYU graduates accomplish?

  • "It has definitely helped me as a mother. When my 5 children were little, I felt very happy and comfortable teaching them and I continue to teach my young adult children. Parenting requires lots and lots of teaching and the courses and experiences I had at BYU have been very beneficial." (Michele Steed, Elementary Education 1997)

  • "My degree has been amazing. It's allowed me to easily get jobs (BYU name-brand is a real thing!) and really taught me to think critically." (Alyssa Crabb, Elementary Education 2019)

  • "Life wise it has helped me to embrace how time passes with holidays, weather, and seasons and that we should celebrate as much as possible. Being with little kids they love fun clothes, dress up, seasonal decorations, and always anticipate the next holiday. It has also humbled me so much as I learn from them and make mistakes. My degree led me to this job where I had a great 2nd grade team that became my best friends...And my job this husband led me to have a room mom last year who set me up with my fiancee [now husband]. So it has definitely impacted my life!" (Rachel Elder, Elementary Education 2018)

Whether teaching or not, these graduates are using their skills to the fullest. Here is what some of them are up to now.

  • "Since I graduated from BYU, I went on to get my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Studies. I currently am a stay at home mom to my four kids. I also taught online for a couple of years. Though not in the professional world currently, I am still always reading research, staying up to date on education practices and maintain a current teaching license as I think about my focus in the future!" (Amanda Stewart, Elementary Education 2010)

  • "I'm a homemaker and mother of 5 children. These last few months I've been a homeschool teacher while my children have been quarantined due to Covid-19." (Michele Steed)

  • "Right now, I'm a 3rd Grade teacher at Vineyard Elementary. I just finished my first year teaching and am excited for a second. I'm also coming back to the McKay School this summer to get a Master's Degree in Teacher Education." (Alyssa Crabb)

What advice/encouragement do our BYU graduates have for current education majors?

  • "I would encourage them to complete their degree. When I did my student teaching I was pregnant and didn't feel great. Despite this challenge, I persevered and finished the teaching requirements two weeks before my first child was born. I had several correspondence courses to complete following the birth of my child and I am proud of myself for completing all of the classes and eventually I graduated from BYU. Everyday I am grateful for my education. Keep making sacrifices so that you, too, graduate! It is hard work, but it is worth it!" (Michele Steed)

  • "Get as much exposure and experience IN the classroom. That's where all the skills are applied and learning is done! Ask a friend to teach a lesson to their class, go observe a few teachers, anything you can to be there in person." (Amy Tingey, Elementary Education 2016)

  • "Be open to all the paths, opportunities and experience your education degree will present to you!... Don't compare yourself to others in your field. You can be inspired and motivated by others, but you are unique and have special gifts to offer in the education field." (Amanda Stewart)

  • "Don't give up. It is the most rewarding career. And there are a lot of haters who don't understand how talented you have to be to have this job. We do need good and positive people in the classroom and if you love it you will enjoy every day of your job." (Rachel Elder)

In addition to all of these responses from our MSE graduates, we would like to tell you about one graduate in particular, Kerri Zimmerman from the Special Education Class of 1994. Check out part 2 to learn more about her!

We know that you too have an amazing future ahead of you when you graduate from the McKay School of Education!

Finally, as said from Michele Steed, "Thank you! Thank you for being the future teachers and leaders of the world. You are needed and you are appreciated."

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