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All You Need to Know About Communication Disorders

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Hello future McKay School Students!

Communications Disorders major (ComD) is also an integral part of what's offered here at the McKay School. Get ready for some insight into what ComD is and why it's such a great program!

Blend Your Interests

Thought about becoming a nurse, but you enjoy teaching? This could be a perfect choice for you! The Communication Disorders major blends knowledge about anatomy and brain function with helping students learn how to communicate more clearly with others. If you decide to become a speech language technician or pathologist, you will get the chance to help people daily through both teaching and an understanding of anatomy.

Great Professors

BYU is home to some amazing faculty members, and ComD is no exception to the rule! Students find that professors truly care about their success. Many know all their students by name, and are willing and hopeful that they'll come by to ask for help or clarification.

Small Class Sizes

Along with amazing teachers, the class sizes at BYU are much smaller than your average General Education course. This helps you feel more at home with your classmates, leading you to create lasting study-buddy friendships! Additionally, this gives professors an even greater ability to reach you and your needs on an individual basis. You'll come away from these classes having truly learned a ton!

Graduate Work at BYU

Graduate studies linked with this major leads to two main career options: Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP's) are hired by school districts and health care organizations to help children and adults improve their speech, and audiologists are professionals who work in healthcare to provide care in order to prevent, identify, diagnose, and treat hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders. One reason why ComD is great for those considering becoming an SLP is because they can seamlessly transition between their undergrad into their graduate degree with many of the same professors!

Speech Clinic

BYU also has an on-site Speech Clinic! While this is mostly reserved for the graduate students, undergrads still have the opportunity to gain experience by administering tests and associating with students who are further down the grad track.

For your information, the following classes are prerequisite courses you need to take before you apply to the program! Check them out to see if Communication Disorders is the right program for you!

  • COMD 133: Intro. Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

  • CELL 210 or 220: Human Anatomy (with lab)

  • STAT 121: Principles of Statistics

  • PHSCS 167: Descriptive Acoustics of Music and Speech

To learn more about what the ComD program at BYU is like, visit

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