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Top 5 Resources for New Students

Between school, work, homework, and a social life, it can be hard to find an effective way to balance your time. Luckily, BYU has a wide array of resources available for students on campus. From advisement centers to labs, you can find help on campus for almost anything! Below is a list of just a few of the helpful resources where you can find the guidance and support that you need.

The Hub

This is an area on the main level of the library dedicated for freshman students. You can meet here with your peer advisor to get advice, guidance, or just hang out! Check out what is available to you there by clicking here!

Academic Advisement Center/ Academic Support Center

Located in the Wilkinson Center (WSC 2500), this resource is a great place to find guidance on your academic path. You can explore different majors, classes, and career options, and find the one that suits you! Learn more about University Advisement here!

If you are interested in education, check out the Education Advisement Office in the McKay Building (MCKB 350). You can meet with academic advisors that specialize in the school of education that will help you plan out classes, figure out which education major is best for you, and answer any concerns you have. Check out the Education Advisement Center here!

Research and Writing Center

This is a great place to go to get another set of eyes for you writing projects, essays, and papers. Located on the main floor of the library (HBLL 3322), the writing lab can help you with all things writing, including MLA, APA, and other formats. Plus, they do walk-ins! For more information on how they can help you, click here!


Located on the first floor of the McKay building, the tech lab is a great resource where you can check out all sorts of useful teaching tools, from cameras to tripods, and even robots! Or you can just come hang out in the lab to use the computers and printer. Learn more about the McKay School's TEC Lab and what they offer here!

Counseling and Psychological Services

Located in the the Wilkinson Center (WSC 1500), this resource is an important place for students to go when they just need someone to talk to. Get professional counseling and guidance from those who want you to succeed. The best part? The services are free to BYU students! Want to learn more? Click here!!

From academics to career guidance, BYU offers countless resources for students to take advantage of. So, get out there and explore your options!

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