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All You Need to Know About Secondary Education

Updated: Jul 3

For those of you who want to specialize in a subject and teach students of Middle and High school age, BYU offers several “secondary education” majors for those with these career interests! Through BYU's programs, you will become an expert in the subject by taking classes, take additional education classes to further your knowledge of teaching pedagogy, complete student teaching in middle or high schools, and finally, gain licensure to teach that subject from grades 6 to 12.

Check out below for a full list as well as links to the departments. The name of of the college is linked to the advising center for all of the majors listed below it.

Check out all of the options and see which subject would be best for you! Study what interests you AND what you can teach others. Prepare students to take on the real world!

For more information on each program, click here.

As McKay School Student Ambassadors, our knowledge about each secondary education program is limited, so if you want more specific details it's best to meet with an academic advisor for the program you are interested in. But, if you have any questions about what it's like to be in one of the McKay School education programs, contact us here!

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