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Fun Classes at BYU

While we are on the topic of registration, I thought it would be cool to mention a few classes that BYU has to offer, that a lot of people don’t even know about. Below is a list of some of the “hidden gems” of classes offered at BYU.

Art for Elementary Teachers, ARTED 326

Basic Organ Skills, MUSIC 115

Beginning Ballet, DANCE 190

Beginning Scuba Diving, SWELL 175

Descriptive Astronomy, PHSCS 127

Teaching Drama in the Elementary Classroom, TMA 375

First-Year Arabic, ARAB 101

Floral Design, PWS 112

Food Preparation in the Home, SFL 110

Introduction to Ceramics for Non-Majors, ART 105

Sailing (or other recreation courses), EXDM 223R

Self-Defense, SWELL 155

Although this is just a short list, there are dozens and dozens of other interesting classes that BYU offers. There are classes that focus on weight training, volleyball, ice skating, and other sports. Other classes focus on arts, from ceramics and drawing to guitar and piano. Dance classes such as folk dance and ballroom are other popular choices. There are classes on mountain biking, canyoneering, and camping, classes on etiquette, cooking, and interior design. There are dozens of different languages offered, including Japanese, Persian, Italian, German, Spanish, and Romanian, just to list a few. There are also all sorts of interesting classes that fulfill GEs: Art history, Greek and Roman Mythology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Calculus, Archaeology, German and Scandinavian Cinema, Microbiology, and so many more. BYU offers so many opportunities and has a class for everyone. Take something that you're interested in!

For more information, check out the class catalog:

Have other classes you have LOVED taking??? Comment the class below!

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