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What you need to know about EL ED 200

A lot of students are interested in what EL ED 200 will entail, especially since it is a new class and prerequisite for the Elementary Education program. Professor Richard Ogusthorpe, pictured, gave us the inside scoop about what to expect!

1. What will be the outcomes of this class for future educators?

  • Discuss the purpose of public schools and their goal to provide access to education for all.

  • Learn how citizens can contribute to the success of student learning.

  • Students will be able to choose an approach to teaching that will provide opportunities for continuous renewal and improvement of practice.

2. How would you describe this class, what should students expect?

This course will introduce students to the philosophical foundations of education and the role of public education in the U.S. today. Topics include how:

  • Public education is the cornerstone of a civil and prosperous democratic community;

  • Education is a public imperative, a moral endeavor, and a shared responsibility for all members of society; and

  • Public schools exist to provide access to education for all, which includes both academic mastery and personal development for the purpose of maximizing students' potential to participate fully and productively in society.

3. Why is this course important for people who are preparing to be teachers?

This course is important because it helps preservice teachers understand the system of schooling in which they will teach so that they can act within that system, instead of being acted upon. Ultimately, we hope that preservice teachers will be able to align their reasons for choosing a career in teaching with the high ideals and noble purposes that we hold for the education of the young.

4. What makes this class unique and unlike the other prerequisites that students will be taking?

This class is not about how we teach or what we teach, but why we teach.

We hope this information gives you a good idea for what EL ED 200 will be like. Make sure you check out our other ECE, PETE, and SPED prerequisites blog posts, and look out for our EL ED prerequisite blog post that is coming next week. Good luck with your classes, Cougars!

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