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What's Your Favorite Class? Physical Education Edition

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Physical Education Teaching/Coaching (PETE) majors have access to some of the most active and engaging courses in the McKay School. While there are so many great courses to choose from, our PETE majors do have a few favorites to share. Bailey Johnson has shared her 3 favorite PETE courses with us! Check them out below:

PETE 230 - K-12 Physical Activities Content and Skills

"This class is focused on learning and developing the ability to perform basic motor skills in different sports and how to teach them to our students. I enjoyed this class because it broadened my sports ability and allowed me to understand how to teach sports to different age groups."

PETE 366 - Exercise Physiology for Physical Educators

"In PETE 366 we focus on learning about exercise physiology, which essentially means how our bodies work while we are exercising. I enjoyed this class because I find it very interesting learning about how our bodies work and how they get energy to perform everyday tasks."

PETE 274- Fundamental Skills and Teaching Methods for Elementary Education

"In this class we learned how to teach elementary age students different physical activities. We were able to go out in teach in an elementary school halfway through the class. I enjoyed it because it prepared me very well for teaching younger kids. It taught me how to write thorough lesson plans and understand what skills are best for certain age groups."

Want to learn more about becoming a teacher? Check out our blog posts here. If you're set on teaching and just ironing out the details, meet with an ambassador here to help answer all of your pressing questions!

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