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What I Learned this Week: Special Education

If you're anything like me, getting through the first few weeks of a new semester is always a little rough. But, good news, it's already week 6 of the semester! So many good things are already happening throughout the McKay School.

Similar to last semester, all the classes I am taking this semester are in the special education program, and I love it! I love being fully absorbed in my major with two practicum placements and 4 other major classes. One of my favorite classes so far this semester has been CPSE 440- Transition Planning.

What is transition? Students with special needs attend school from K-12, similar to students without special needs. For students who have more severe disabilities and need extra support beyond high school, transition schools are a great option! Transition schools provide services to these students post high school, from ages 18-22. These schools focus on helping students progress toward life goals with opportunities for experience in the community as they transition from school life to adult life within society. Much of the learning done at these schools is based off of each student's interests in future employment, living and social skills goals.

Some transition schools in the area are East Bay Post High in Provo, ATEC (Alpine Transition and Education Center) in American Fork, and the Jones Center in Salt Lake. These schools are vital to the effective transition support given to students with special needs post high school.

Learning about transition schools has been so interesting to me as I have only worked with students with special needs in younger elementary grades. I am excited to visit some of these transition schools throughout the semester to learn more about the services they offer!

If you're interested in special education or any of the other majors of the McKay School, schedule a meeting with a student ambassador here! We'd love to hear from you!

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