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Lesson Plan Spotlight: Special Education

We're back with another lesson plan spotlight, but this time specific to special education! Lesson planning for students with special needs may look a little different than lessons for students in a general education classroom. These lessons are usually taught very explicitly in small or whole group settings.

There is a big focus in these lessons on clearly setting behavior expectations with students. It is also important to elicit at least 4-6 opportunities to response (OTR's) per minute for students throughout each lesson. This will help them stay engaged throughout the entire lesson. Classroom management has a huge impact on how well lessons go with students.

There can be a lot of preparation that goes into lesson planning, but the best part of all lessons, of course, is the opportunity to teach the students!

Here is an example of a 10-15 minute explicit lesson plan for students learning to say words that begin with the sound /d/. Remember to remind students of classroom rules throughout lesson. This lesson was actually taught to 2nd grade students in practicum by a student ambassador last semester!


Phonogram card of d

Key Word Card for d (duck)

Beginning Sound Picture Cards of dad, dog, dig, deer, and duck.

Letter flashcards for review

Opening: Set expectation behaviors with the students by reminding them of the class rules. For example, keeping our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves, keeping pockets on the chair, and eyes up at the teacher.

Review previous days instruction, such as reviewing the letters students have already been taught through letter flashcards.

Modeling: Model exactly what you want the students to do.

Step 1: Say the picture name


Step 2: Say the first sound


Step 3: Say the letter that makes this sound


Guided Practice: Practice this skill with each student using the beginning sound picture cards of dad, dog, dig, deer, and duck.

Tell- Repeat steps 1 through 3 using the word 'dad'

Ask- Ask students to repeat each step individually using the word 'dog'

Remind- Have each student repeat steps 1-3 on their own using the words 'deer and duck', only reminding them of steps when they get stuck.

Independent Practice:

Invite students to place their hands under the table and listen to the word they hear. If that word begins with /d/ tell them to put a thumbs up on the table. If the word does not begin with /d/ tell them to put a thumbs down on the table. [model an example].

Do this activity 7-10 times as a group and individually. Use the words dad, tad, bad, dot, pot, dog, bag, dig, pig, and dip. Correct the students as needed, asking “Did [word] begin with /d/ as in duck?

Closing: Describe student performance through high rates of praise and transition students to the next activity.

This is just one example of a lesson plan that can be used and revised depending on student needs! If you have questions about lessons plan or anything in the McKay School, click here to schedule a meeting with a student ambassador!

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