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What I learned this week: Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

Congrats, the semester is over halfway through! This semester I am taking Principles of Coaching, (Pete 430), and this week we focused on coaching at the college level. Coach Ashley taught us about a few different organizations: the NCAA (divisions I, II, and III), the NCJAA, and the NAIA. Here are a few fun facts about each:

NAIA: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

- NAIA schools are normally smaller colleges or universities.

- The have a more flexible approach to eligibility rules

- There is no limit to how many scholarships they can give out

- They have a smaller pool of competitors compared to NCAA programs.

NJCAA: National Junior College Athletic Association

- Often called JUCO

- The NJCAA consists of two-year colleges and junior colleges

- Schools allow athletes to compete before transferring to a four-year college.

- They offer scholarships

- The NJCAA has three divisions (Division I, Division II, and Division III)

- Many students use NJCAA schools as a stepping stone to NCAA or NAIA schools.

NCAA: National College Athletics Association

- The NCAA is the largest and most well known governing body for collegiate athletics

- It is divided into three divisions (Division I, Division II, and Division III)

- It has strict rules regarding eligibility, recruiting and other aspects of collegiate sports

- Division I and II offer scholarships, but division III does not.

I've been learning so much from my PE classes this semester. If you're interested in Physical Education Teaching and Coaching or the other majors of the McKay School, schedule a meeting with a student ambassador here!

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