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Why I Chose Education: Kamora Shelton

When I was in high school I told people I was going to be anything but a teacher. Teaching just did not seem like something I would be good at, but what I didn't realize was that I had been teaching in some form my whole life!

While exploring the major fair during my first semester at BYU, I stopped at a sign that said, "Do you want to play sports and get paid?" I love playing sports, so I was instantly interested, and it turned out to be the Physical Education Teaching and Coaching table. As I learned more about the major, I realized that teaching and, more specifically, coaching is precisely what I want to do.

Growing up, I always admired my PE teachers, but I never thought about becoming one myself. In high school, I coached gymnastics, and I loved it. I loved helping the young athletes learn new skills, overcome challenges, and learn how to stay healthy. I also loved helping my younger siblings with their homework. After finding the PE Teaching and Coaching major, where I could apply both of these things, along with my love of sports and having an active, healthy lifestyle, to my future career, I was so excited. Teaching kids how to stay healthy and watching their love for sports grow is the perfect blend of my passions and aspirations.

When I was home for the summer, I found this essay I wrote in elementary school. If you cannot read it, it says,"I want to be a teacher when I grow up I think it might be entertaining. Some good things about being a teacher is you get to meet lots of new people such as parents and kids. Sometimes they are from different countries like Canada or Brazil. I think a really good part about being a teacher is you get lots of presents from your students. You also get to learn new things you might have not gotten to learn yet". I was surprised to read I wanted to be a teacher, but I guess little me knew me better!

Want to learn more about the Physical Education Teaching and Coaching program? Schedule a meeting here!

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