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What I Learned this Week: Elementary Education

Fall Semester is officially in full swing! And we're here with another round of what your fellow Elementary Education majors learned this week in their McKay School courses!

Bethany: "I just got back from my first two weeks of practicum and it was so fun! My mentor teacher and I got along so well and all of my students were so kind and thoughtful. I have learned so much over the past couple weeks about classroom management. My mentor teacher and I talked about the importance of setting up expectations and procedures at the beginning of the school year and being consistent in your practices throughout the whole year. Also, I've learned that having an attention grabber (my mentor teacher has a "chime") is SO important! It makes classroom management so much easier."

Megan: "I love what I have been learning so far in my classes! This week in my MTHED 306 class we are going back to the basics and reviewing what we learned in the 305 class regarding measurement vs partitive division. It's been so fun to learn and collaborate with my peers in that class as we learn together. In my WRTG 313 class, writing for el ed, we're working on our research papers. I am going to write mine on book banning. Finally, in my children's literature class we had a book discussion this week on "New Kid" and talked about graphic novels and comic books today. There are so many different types of children's literature that can be implemented into the classroom!"

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