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What I Learned This Week: Elementary Education

Congrats! You've made it through the third week of school! All throughout the McKay School, students are hard at work preparing to be future teachers. Two of our McKay School student ambassadors, Megan and Bethany, are here to share what they learned in their Elementary Education classes this week!


"This week, in several of my classes, I've been learning a lot of instructional strategies that I can use in my future classroom, and the fun part is that this often comes with a lot of hands on activities! In my EL ED 445 (Teaching Social Studies) class we've explored the mediums of art, videography, discussion and more as we've studied better ways to teach History, Geography, and Civics. In my ECE 334 (Introduction to Early Childhood Education) class we've participated in several movement activities, outdoor scavenger hunts, matching games and more to simulate what we would do in an actual classroom. I've loved learning more about how to teach in my classes this semester, and it's been the best!"


"My schedule this semester is full of education classes which has been so fun so far! In my MTHED 306 class, we are learning about fractions and how we might teach those concepts to our students. I'm also taking a children's literature class from Paul Ricks. In it we read and discuss a lot of children's books, which has been so much fun. I just finished an assignment where I had to read 10 different picture books with various awards, talk about the best homework ever! Finally, in my advanced writing for EL ED class we have been talking about how to make writing enjoyable for students and writing our own short stories. I can't wait to see what else I'll learn in my classes this semester!"

Want to learn more about our majors in the McKay School of Education? Click here to schedule a meeting with a student ambassador!

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