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The Impact of Our Teachers

As future teachers, we seek to have a genuine and impactful influence on our students. We are out to help children access all of the opportunities presented to them. Our desire to become this kind of teacher is often a result of our own experience with influential teachers. In order to understand what this influence looks like, we asked a few of our ambassadors to share the impact their teachers have had on them.

Valery Abila - Elementary Education Student Ambassador

"My third grade teacher, Mr. Ono had an impact on me because he took the time to get to know me and each student as an individual. He took pride in finding out how to help each student excel in their own way. I remember Mr. Ono as a teacher who genuinely cared about his students, who took interest in them as individuals and helped them make wise decisions that made them a better person.

"Having a teacher like this, motivated me to try my best in everything I did that year and in the following years. I want to always make sure my future students feel loved, valued, and a sense of belonging in my classroom, like Mr. Ono did for me!"

Anna Glenn - Special Education Student Ambassador

"The teacher with the greatest impact on my education was my 4th grade teacher Ms. Gaby. I was a strong hater of anything that involved reading or writing. I struggled to organize and express my thoughts, and I worked significantly slower than the rest of my peers. Ms. Gaby noticed that my difficulties weren't a deliberate act, but a genuine call for help. Ms. Gaby helped me focus on the aspects of writing and reading that I loved. The creative and descriptive side of literature is what she focused on. Soon even math involved some form of reading or writing that required creativity. Ms. Gaby's focus on and dedication to my enjoyment of education helped me realize that learning is something that can actually be interesting! It changed my experience with school forever. I hope to share that same diligent care Ms. Gaby had for me with my future students."

Lauren Myers - Elementary Education Student Ambassador

"When I was in the 5th grade, I had a teacher that was unlike any other teacher I had seen. He was a marine veteran that served for over half of his life before retiring and teaching. The reason that Mr. Chavez sticks out to me significantly more than any other teacher is because he treated me like a person and respected me. He showed me that even though I was a child, I added value to conversations and problems. He taught me patience with others and taught me that it is okay to enjoy being a child and to enjoy where I am in life. I think about the life lessons he taught me frequently and I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with him."

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