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Teachers with Impact

One of the biggest reasons I chose to be a teacher is because of the impact I can make on future generations. Teaching is a career where you have the opportunity to influence a large number of children over a long period of time. I also love that I am giving back to my community rather than only taking from others. It is a very selfless and important calling, and we always need more teachers! We need you! Your characteristics, skills, likes and dislikes will be a great tool to having your own unique teaching style and effect on students.

I was thinking back on all of my teachers that had a great impact on me. It was astounding at how many names I remembered, and moments I had with them. I am so grateful for them and all they have taught me. One teacher comes to mind while thinking about teachers' impact, and that is my freshman English teacher. She is one who you can tell loved and cared for her students. She is a fun and outgoing teacher who also values rules and work ethic. I had many times when I was behind on an assignment, and she would pull me aside personally to ask what was going on in my life and if there was anything she could do to help me. This always surprised me as I was very busy, and to realize that my teacher noticed I was behind and made an effort to get me back on track made all the difference in the world for me. This was my first honors English class, and after having her assist me with the learning curve, I was soon on top of things and exceeding. Because of her, I went on to do AP courses in English. I also had a stronger desire to become a teacher and make a difference as she had in my life.

Teachers are needed. They are impactful. If you are considering teaching, consider the lives you will change because of it.

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