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Student Spotlight: Lexi McPherson

Updated: May 10, 2023

Meet Lexi McPherson! She is from Kaysville, Utah, and the oldest of 3 adopted children in her family. Lexi loves concerts, music, being outdoors, and traveling. She's been to 35 countries, 24 states and she is a passionate member of the ROC!

Lexi is a junior majoring in Elementary Education! She is currently in her 4th semester of the program and in her first practicum. She decided to study education because she loves helping others achieve their goals and realize how awesome they are! Lexi believes that the best people to do that for are kids because "they are so impressionable and it can make such a difference for them for the rest of their lives!"

After graduation, Lexi plans to go on as many trips and to as many concerts as possible before she teaches overseas. In the future, she would love to go back to school to get her master's degree in social work.

Lexi's ultimate goal as a teacher is to make sure she helps her students feel the love of their Heavenly Father through her so they can walk away feeling confident in their worth.

Her piece of advice for people in an education major or thinking about going into an education major is to get to know their professors and their classmates! She said, "It makes all the difference in how engaged you are in class and for me as a social learner, how much I retain from what I’m being taught. I didn’t realize how many professors I would take more than one class from and how many of my classmates I would have in all of my classes as well because in GE classes you meet someone once and then don’t ever see them ever again."

We are grateful for Lexi and all the other students who are working hard to become a teacher. If you want to learn more about the El Ed major, meet with an advisor or a student ambassador!

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