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Spooky Sensory Activities!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020


We have all heard of sensory activities, but what are they really? What is the importance of them? Should we have them in our classroom as educators? YES! All special education classrooms have them, but they are great to have in general education classrooms as well because all they do is help! Some students need to focus on their senses rather than be overwhelmed by their surroundings. Here are some simple suggestions for what you can do in your classroom! (Click on the name in bold for detailed recipe/instructions).

Homemade Rubbery Goop: Simply combine baking soda, water, and cornstarch. Then, if you want to make it fun colors, just add food coloring! It works like play-doh, but it is homemade, edible (just in case...), and cheap to make!

Water Beads: It is as simple as it sounds! Just make some water beads and stick it in a bin or bowl! Everyone, kids, and adults alike find it relaxing to just run their hands through water beads. Use Halloween colors to make it fun in October.

Sorting Shapes Bin: Nice and affordable! Stick some Halloween buttons in a container of rice, beans, or any other easy fillers. With the use of small containers nearby, students could sort the buttons for an educational activity.

Mini Trampoline: This is a particularly helpful activity for students with sensory processing disorders! "Bounce time" is a great reward as well.

Sensory Balloons: Go buy some orange balloons at the dollar store and fill it with fun sensory items such as black beans, your homemade rubbery goop, rice, water beads, etc!

Have some more suggestions for sensory activities or crafts? Comment below!

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