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PETE Professor Spotlight: Todd Pennington

Cultivating relationships is at the core of Todd Pennington's values and what has led him to a successful career in academia. He demonstrates his commitment through teaching in the classroom which then fosters a commitment from the students. As a teacher, he establishes relationships over time through genuine care and connection which is a unique attribute and one way that Dr. Pennington stands out among other teachers and faculty.

Dr. Pennington has cultivated his teaching methods and core values through extensive schooling. He first received his bachelor's degree from BYU after which he received his master's degree from the University of Utah and finally gaining his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech.

Currently an Associate Professor at BYU, Todd has various skills that have helped and continue to help the students here at BYU. He is a great addition to the PETE program and we are so grateful to have him. To learn more about Dr. Todd Pennington you can view this video.

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