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Prerequisites for the Elementary Education Major

These are three courses that the ELED major accepts as prerequisites for entering the ELED program – they require only two courses to be completed before entering:

1.) SFL 210 and

2.) Either ECE 202 or ELED 200.

Keep in mind that you need to take SFL 210 before you can register for ECE 202!

If you have any questions about when you can apply for the major consult with your academic advisor for more information on the application process! Go HERE for the Education Advisement Center in the MCKB.

Human Development - SFL 210

This is a 3.0-hour credit course. You get to learn all about the different domains of human development such as biological, cognitive, emotional, and social. You learn about a variety of theories and concepts that correlate with human development. This class is awesome because the professors focus on ways you can apply what you are learning in the classroom to your daily life.

Foundations of Child Development- ECE 202

This is a 3.0-credit course that helps you better understand your students and analyze child development from early to middle childhood. Students will understand the development of the whole child (cognitively, socially, emotionally, linguistically, and their physical development). You learn about so many great theories in this class to help effectively manage and teach children of all ages in a classroom. You also do a lot of fun activities that you can use later on in your own classroom. This course also focuses on how to apply all that knowledge into planning, teaching and effectively assessing children.

Introduction to Education- EL ED 200 2 credits

This is a 2.0- credit course that is new! The goal of this course is to help students understand the philosophical foundations of education and the role of public education in the U.S. today. They also discuss why education is such a critical piece in our communities and is a shared responsibility for all members of society to be a part of. It gives a great overview of what education is like in a public school setting and prepares future teachers to enter into a classroom setting. Plus, there are opportunities for experiences in local public schools during this course (COVID restrictions may change some of these opportunities) but it is a great introductory course to see if Elementary Education is for you!

Remember you can start applying for the major while you are either enrolled in ECE 202 or EL ED 200 but check with your academic advisor by setting up an appointment with them HERE!

Questions about what the program is like? Make an appointment with one of our student ambassadors at this LINK.

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