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Physical Education Teaching/Coaching (PETE) Student Spotlight: Jansen Ence

Meet Jansen Ence! Jansen is the 2nd oldest of 4 and his family if from La Verkin, Utah. He is a junior in the PETE major and will start student teaching winter 2025. He is also double minoring in Health and History Education.

We asked Jansen some questions to learn more about him and his experience in PETE:

Fun Facts!

  • All my siblings have J names! My parents both work at the Hurricane Intermediate School. My dad teaches Utah history and my mom is a lunch lady! I’m currently working at the MTC as a PE Teacher! I love basketball, golf and hiking! I served my mission in the Norway and speak Norwegian and lastly I have a pet Yorkie named Jazzy! 

Why did you decide to major in your major and minor? 

  • Lots of reasons! First, my dad is a teacher and growing up he always inspired me with his work ethic and I appreciated his example! Second, I love the human body, being active and playing sports so I think teaching PE is perfect! Third, I learned to love teaching on my mission! It was my favorite part of my mission! It made me so happy to help people learn new ideas and concepts!

Favorite classes in your program?

  • All of them! I really enjoyed PETE 430 (Principles of Coaching) because we basically learned about sports and how to be a good coach! I look forward to taking PETE 230 & 231 (K-12 Physical Activities Content and Skills 1&2).

What are your plans after you graduate?

  • I want to go back and visit Norway to celebrate graduating then hopefully I can get a job back home down in the St. George area! I think it could be cool if I could teach at the same school as my dad for a year or two but will see where the wind takes me! 

What are your ultimate goals as a teacher?

  • I want to help students develop life long healthy lifestyle habits that will help them be successful in life and through teaching develop hopefully I can develop good relationships and friendship. I want to become someone students can rely on and remember. I also want to create a supportive and engaging environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Any advice for people thinking about being in your major or for people who are just getting started in the program?

  • Join! Who wouldn’t want to get paid to teach and play sports with kids? The PETE major is the best and most important major in the world (no bias)! Come and just have fun! We literally play and watch sports for some of the classes. I would also advise to get to know the professors! They are the best and care about your future!

If you have any questions about the PETE major click here to meet with a student ambassador!

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