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Physical Education Teaching/Coaching Student Spotlight: Tanner Rogers

Updated: May 1, 2023

The Physical Education Teaching/Coaching (PETE) program at the McKay School is a major that would be a perfect fit for anyone who loves being physically active and playing sports, all while teaching kids lifelong skills. Tanner Rogers is a Senior this year in the PETE program and we wanted to learn more about him and his journey in becoming a Physcial Education Teaching Major.

Tanner grew up in Okinawa, Japan and along with his PETE major he is minoring in Japanese Teaching. He was recently married during the pandemic and says he loves going on nature walks (a popular hobby especially during the pandemic), playing sports, and recently has been getting into rock climbing. Tanner Is also a gymnastics coach. He said it has been so rewarding to see the kids advance and master skills he has taught them.

Choosing the PETE major was a happy coincidence that he had as he was exploring possible career paths:

"I was going to be an Elementary Education Major, but the room was full during orientation and the room for PE teaching was almost empty down the hall. I went there instead and was really lucky I did. The meeting helped me learn that PE teaching was exactly what I wanted to do!"

The PETE program involves learning lots of different sports and physical activities that help prepare you to teach your students lifelong habits on being healthy and physically active. Here is a tip from Tanner about the program:

"Don't worry about if anyone is looking at you when you try new things, they are, but they're still learning too so no one's judging."

This is Tanner's last year at BYU and one thing he is looking forward to after he graduates is finally getting to be a LEGITIMATE teacher at a school and running into his students and their families outside of school. What's been the greatest about studying at the McKay School? He loves the professors. Tanner says, "I've only had great professors that care a lot about me."

We love spotlighting students at the McKay School! Let us know if you think there is someone we should spotlight next time!


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