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Get to Know ELED Student Stefania Amado!

Updated: May 10, 2023

Howdy! My name is Stefania Amado and I am a junior majoring in Elementary Education with a TESOL K-12 minor.

I chose to major in Elementary Education because I want to bring blessings to the lives of others and help guide children to a more positive future. I love helping people see their potential, and I hope by doing this, I can help students believe in themselves.

I am originally from Guatemala but I was raised in Houston, Texas. A common question I get asked when I say I am from Guatemala is if I get to go back and visit. The answer is yes! I go back to Guatemala every year for the summer months.

Although I grew up in Texas, my parents raised me in the Guatemalan culture. My culture has taught me the importance of family, religion, and friendship. I would say those three things are a part of who I am today.

An interesting fact about me is my love for nature. I was raised to respect nature and the animals within. For this reason, I absolutely love animals and taking care of plants!

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